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Top 10 Places To Visit In Rishikesh

Rishikesh, India

Located near the foot of the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttrakhand, Rishikesh is the7th largest city in India. It is also called the “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas”. The town is a famous tourist spot and also a major pilgrimage spot for the Hindus. The River Ganges flows through the town of Rishikesh and it is famous for its various shrines and yoga ashrams.

With the city of Haridwar only a few miles south of Rishikesh, the place is also considered a ‘holy city’ and is vegetarian.

Here are the Top 10 Places to Visit in Rishikesh, which are worth visiting on your Rishikesh Trip:

1. Laxman Jhula

Built-in 1939, Laxman or Lakshman Jhula is a suspension bridge in Rishikesh With a length of 450 feet and at a height of around 70 feet from the river. According to Hinduism, this bridge is built in the same place, where Lakshmana once crossed the river Ganges on a jute rope, thus making this another important pilgrim attraction.

2. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Situated at a height of 1675 meters, on a hill above Swarg Ashram the Neelkantha Mahadev Temple is one of the most important shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in the Republic of India. In Hindu mythology, the temple stands at the exact spot where Lord Shiva drank the Venom ‘halahala’ that originated after the churning of the ocean by the Devas and Asuras in order to obtain the Amrita or the elixir of life.

3. The Beatles Ashram

In February 1968 the Beatles traveled to the Indian town of Rishikesh to attend a session of transcendental Meditation at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was this visit that changed the world’s outlook of Indian spirituality. This was considered to be the Beatles’ most productive time, they wrote various songs during this visit most of which gained huge media attention and commercial success. This ashram is now a part of Rajaji National Park and has to be entered through the same.

4. Swarg Ashram

On the left bank of the river Ganges, is located one of the oldest Yoga ashrams in India. The Swarg ashram covers the whole area between the ram and the Laxman Jhula and was built in the memory of Saint Swami Vishudhanand. It’s a perfect place for people who seek solitude in this holy city. You can sit and meditate for hours near the private river banks which are totally devoid of any rituals found at the rest of the banks.

5. Parmarth Niketan

Founded in 1942 by Pujya Swami Shukdevanand Ji Maharaj, Parmarth Niketan is an ashram located in Rishikesh. It’s the largest ashram in Rishikesh with over a thousand rooms. Parmarth Niketan provides its thousands of pilgrims – who come from all corners of the Earth – with a clean, pure and sacred atmosphere as well as abundant, beautiful gardens.

6. Triveni Ghat

The convergence of the three great rivers of Ganges, Yamuna, and the Saraswati defines the Triveni Ghat. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Triveni Ghat is the most sacrosanct bathing spot and is considered the holiest spot in Rishikesh. Triveni Ghat, all year round is inundated with people. It is believed that when one takes a dip in the Ghat, it washes away all the sins of the person resulting in a pure soul. Pilgrims from all over the globe visit here to take a dip in the holy waters to reach divine salvation. When you set your eyes on the Ghat, the holy chants, the fragrance of flowers, the light of the earthen lamps, and the feeling of peace will envelop you.

7. Neer Garh Waterfall

The narrow stream of blue waters, surrounded by the lush foliage of Himalayan vegetation, Neer Garh Waterfall is a treat for any adventure or nature lover visiting Rishikesh. It is a sheer delight to watch the roaring stream making its way through steep rocks before plunging into a clear water pool. Apt for relaxation, meditation, and even landscape photography, this waterfall has to be one of the most spectacular places to see in Rishikesh.

The best time to visit Neer Garh Waterfall is post-monsoon in October to mid-November as you will witness the waterfall in its best possible form.

8. Shivpuri

Located at a distance of 19 kilometers from Rishikesh, The town of Shivpuri is situated on the banks of the river Ganges and is named after a temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva. In recent years, this place has become famous for water adventure sports-especially white water rafting. A visit here is recommended to experience the mighty river Ganga in its most beautiful form.

9. Kaudiyala

Kaudiyala is considered to be one of the most visited viewpoints in Rishikesh. Located at around 36 kilometers from Rishikesh towards Devprayag and 380 meters above sea level, Kaudiyala is famous for offering its visitors the adventure sport of whitewater rafting and is one of the premier locations in the country for this sport. Dense hill forests surround the region and the place is also a habitat for many wild species of flora and fauna.

10. Rajaji National Park

Located between the Shivalik ranges and the Indo-Gangetic Plains, Rajaji National Park represents one of India’s oldest ecosystems. It is Uttarakhand’s second tiger reserve and its unique location makes it an ideal location for some breathtaking flora too. The dense forests house a plethora of animals ranging from Bengal Tigers to Sloth bears and a trip down here would satisfy all wildlife enthusiasts.

Besides the above top places, there are many other places where you can make a visit during your trip to Rishikesh like Kunjapuri Devi Mandir, Lakshman Temple, Garud Chatti Waterfall, Trayambakeshwar, Terah Manzil Temple, Narendra Nagar, and much more. River Rafting in the Ganga River is a very famous activity of tourists beside this Bungee Jumping is also a very famous activity in Rishikesh for adventure lovers.

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