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Tawang’s landscape is adorned with massive rocky yet green mountains, group of Buddhist monasteries, and ethnicity of Monpa hamlets. Its iconic 17th-century monastery has always been a boss at stealing hearts. Warm hospitality and pleasant weather are two primary reasons Tawang is counted among one of the best places to visit in India before you turn 30.

Best time to visit: April to June, September to October

How to reach

  • By air: The nearest airport from Tawang is Salonibari Airport, at a distance of 315 km.
  • By rail: The nearest railhead is Tezpur Railway Station, 385 km away.
  • By road: Tawang is 1404 km away from Kolkata, nearest major city from Tawang. Make sure you make sufficient stops enroute.

Attractions: Tawang Monastery, Nuranang Waterfall, Tawang War Memorial

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