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Lotus Temple

Delhi, India

Location: On Baharpur Hills near Kalkaji in South Delhi

Built in: During 1980-1986

Attraction: Splendid architecture

Also known as: Bahai House of Worship

How to reach: One can easily reach Lotus Temple by taking local Buses, auto rickshaws or by hiring taxis from Delhi

Lotus TempleLotus Temple is one of the most picturesque temples of India. Lotus Temple stands seventh in the international chain of Bahai House of Worship. Lotus Bahai Temple is considered as the Mother Temple of the Indian Continent. The splendid architecture of the temple has been accredited with several architectural awards. Fariborz Sahba is recognized as the architect of this beautiful structure, who is an Iranian.

The construction of this temple took around 6 years, till it was opened for the public in 1986. The structure of this temple is derived from the Lotus, the national flower of India. The Lotus has been a significant part of the Hindu religion too. A glimpse of Lotus, gives the idea of peace and serenity. The marvelous structure of the temple comprises 27 self-supporting marble clad "petals" that are arranged in groups of three to form nine faces.

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