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Thread Tail Leisure Tour

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Country: India
City: Jaisalmer
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Kitesurfing

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The Passion For Kite Flying In Jaipur is fabulous,And every city has community clubs where this sport is performed and practiced. The Kite-Flying Festival is also Celebrated in Rajasthan.The Kites are flied during Makar Sankranti festival and monsoons. However The Kite-Flying lasts throughout the year.Makar Sankranti is the well known kite flying festival,which is celebrated with great joy and excitement in Jaipur.On this day the skies of the city are alive with kites for full day.All the people of different age groups assemble (come together)At rooftops to compete about both their prowess as well as the Resilience of their strings. An International kite flying festival is also held in Jaipur on this day.

Major Attractions of Adventure Kite-Flying

Designer kites Flying and Kite Fighting.

The people of Rajasthan have adopted different sporting events over the years, and these have provided a great deal of variety to their lives. Interestingly, there is an eclectic quality to these sporting events that can vary from more sophisticated sports such as golf to the well-known Rajasthani's passion for kite-flying.

The passion for kite-flying in Jaipur is fabulous, and every city has community clubs where the sport is ardently practiced. Every city skyline is alive with kites during the early morning and evening, and sometimes even during the day. Children gather at rooftops to compete about both their prowess as well as the resilience of their strings.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14th of January every year when the sport of kite flying is almost endemic, with an International Kite Flying Competition in Jaipur and Jodhpur. However, but for a brief spell during the peak months of summer, kite flying continues throughout the year. Visitors can take part through the simple measure of buying colourful kites and string inexpensively for only a few rupees and joining the Rajasthani people.

The Rajputs have always been very passionate about flying kites and there are clubs in different cities where this sport is ardently practiced. An international kite flying competition is organized in Jaipur, which adds to the fervor. You can buy a variety of colorful kites and join the Rajasthani people in this zestful activity

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Pushkar, Alwar and Bikaner are having a good Transportation system due to being popular tourist destinations. Railways and Roadways are easily available along with private Taxi’s.

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