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Country: India
City: Siliguri
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Kalimpong Sightseeing Tours

 Local sightseeing in Kalimpong area includes visits to famous monasteries that have old rare scriptures & Tibetan architecture, lovely view points offering sweeping views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks, rivers & landscapes, visits to museums, parks, flower nurseries, historical missionary schools and so on. You can also make great day trips to near by areas like Pedong, Lava, Loleygaon, Rishyap, virgin villages etc. 



1) Dr Graham's Homes 

This missionary school was set up by Dr. J A Graham in 1900 as an orphanage cum school for the destitute Anglo Indian children. It started only with one cottage that accommodated up to 35 children. Over the years it has grown as a well known multi religious and co-educational school spanning over 500 acres of lush landscape and having some 50 cottages. It is located on the way to Deolo Hills. You can walk across to various parts of the school. 


2) Lord Buddha Statue 

Close to Deolo there is a small rock garden in which you will find this nice statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a lotus position

3) Sherpa View Point 

This is a watershed near Buddha statue from where you get great views towards both north and south. You get excellent views of  Sikkim hills and Mount Kanchenjung if you look north, towards south is the beautiful view of a valley and the Relli river flowing through it as well Loleygaon (Kafer) and also the hills of Samthar plateau. This view point is unfortunately not well maintained. 


4) Durga Mandir 

This is a Hindu temple of Goddess Durga located near Sherpa View Point. A nice garden full of flowering plants and a viewing gallery. The temple is small but quite nice. Good place to relax for a while. 

5) Hanuman Temple 

Right after Durga Mandir is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman perched on the hill. Climb several flights of stairs to reach up to the temple. 


5) Hanuman Temple 

Right after Durga Mandir is a huge statue of Lord Hanuman perched on the hill. Climb several flights of stairs to reach up to the temple. 

7) Mangal Dham 

An excellent temple complex built in the memory of late Guruji Mangal Dasji and dedicated to Lord Krishna. Devotees come from far away places. 

8) Thongsa Gompa 

This is the oldest monsatery in Kalimpong which was built in 1692. It's also known as the Bhutan Monastery and located close to Mangal Dham. 




1) Nature Interpretation Center 

This is a museum run by the forest department. It has many pictures and paintings of flora & fauna explaining the nature and environment of Kalimpong area. It's located close to the town. 

2) Army Golf Course 

A scenic 9-hole golf course which was conceived and laid by the army authorities. You can see the golf course from the roadside Watershed View Point. From here you also get splendid views of the mountains as well as Loleygaon. It's located close to the Circuit House. 

3) Morgan House 

This used to be an old British property and reflect a typical colonial architecture with sprawling garden and views of Kanchenjunga. It has been converted into a hotel and now run by West Bengal Tourism Department. You can enter the premises and walk around, but can not go upstairs in the building where most rooms are located. Morgan House is located opposite to the Army Golf Course. 

4) Durpin Monastery 

This Tibetan monastery is located on the Durpin hill and hence such name. The actual name is Zang Dog Palri monastery. It was built in 1972 and has some rare Buddhist scripts that were brought here by Dalai Lama from Tibet. From the upper terrace of the monastery, you get magnificent views of Kalimpong town with Kanchenjunga in the background, the valley and the plains, Teesta & Reang rivers flowing down, and lovely tea estates of Peshoke area. 

5) Jelepla View Point 

You get spectacular view of Jelepla Pass which once used to be a route for regular trade with Tibet. You can also see the confluence of river Teesta, Reang and Relli. The view point is maintained by the army. 

6) Pratima Tagore House 

This house with nice garden and lovely views was built by Pratima Tagore in 1943, daughter-in-law of the poet Rabindranath Tagore. You will find original furnishing, lot of memorabilia and poet's verses in this house. It is located on Atisha road close to the Pine View Nursery. 

7) Pine View Nursery 

It has great collections of cactus and ornamental plants.

8) Kali Mandir 

Temple of goddess Kali. Climb a stairway from the roadside to reach up to the temple. From an adjoining terrace, you get wonderful view of west Kalimpong and the mountain range. 



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