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Sightseeing Packages Details

Price Per Person

USD 70
Country: India
City: Shimla
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

Package Itinerary

With all its intricacies, history seems to have been the mortar for every brick and stone that has built Shimla. As the summer capital of British India for well over a century it was the seat of one of the most powerful governments in the world. From its cedar-shaded heights, one fifth of the human race was ruled and the decisions made those decades ago affect our lives to the present day. The town of Shimla rose in the nineteenth century when the Gurkha Wars came to an end in 1815-16 and the victorious British decided to retain certain pockets as military outposts and sanitaria. In 1822 the most rigorous of dandies and the greatest of sticklers for form Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy, Political Agent to the Hill States directed that a house be built for him at the village whose name is variously reported as Sheyamalaya Shumlah, Shimlu and Shemlah. Kennedy House led the vanguard of the hundred-odd houses that were to scatter themselves by 1841 over every level or gently inclining space. Lured by the climate and terrain scores of European invalids began moving to the station and the only stipulation of the local chief who owned the land was that no tree be cut or cattle slaughtered.


Places to visit


Mall Road Shimla

One place that you cannot ignore is definitely the Mall Road in Shimla. Located at the heart of the town, the Mall Road in Simla is one of the busiest commercial areas of this place. Built by the British during the colonial rule in India, the Mall Road was constructed keeping in mind the traffic on this route.





Shimla Ridge

Located in the heart of Shimla is the famous tourist attraction known as The Ridge. The Ridge is the hub of all cultural activities of Shimla. It is situated along the Mall Road, which is the famous shopping center of Shimla. Most major places of Shimla like Lakkar Bazaar, Mall, Scandal Point, Jakhoo hill, etc. are connected through the Ridge.





Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill is located at about 2 kilometers from Shimla, at an altitude of about 2455 m above sea level. Jakhoo is the highest peak in the area and offers a great view of the magnificent Shimla. There is an ancient Lord Hanuman temple at the top of the Jakhoo hill and can be easily reached from Ridge near Church by walking for at most an hour. You can also hire a pony or a taxi to go to the Hanuman temple. But if you prefer mountain climbing you can do that also. You can see so many monkeys in the area but they will not give you any trouble. If the pilgrims offer any fruits or eatables they just accept. The walk to the temple is through the dense forests of Deodar trees but the climb is very tiresome if one is not used to it. If you like you can get ponies for hire to reach the temple.



Summer Hill

Summer Hill is located at about 5 kilometers and is placed at an altitude of about 1983 meters above sea level. Summer Hill is a beautiful township and a nice suburb on the Shimla-Kalka Railway line. The Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had visited Shimla and lived in these quiet surroundings at the elegant Georgian House of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur. The temperature during winter is very cold and freezing that you cannot see people outside. At other times the place is pleasant, particularly during summers, even then you might need woolen clothes and accessories in the nights.



Christ Church

Christ Church is a majestic looking church, located on the Ridge and is said to be the second oldest church in the whole of North India. Inside the church there are stained glass windows that seems to represent faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience and humility. The Christ Church is one place that the visitors who come in to India should spend some time.





Wild Flower Hall

Wildflower Hall is a beautiful heritage building which was the resodence of Lord Kitchener. This whole building was renovated and refurbished in to a magnificent and striking architecture in to an awesome resort. The WildflowerHall is a resort spreading over 22 acres and is located at about 8250 feet above sea level. At present the hall is a 5 star resort of the Oberoi group placed amidst Virgin woods of cedar and pine. This Wildflower Hall is a masterpiece of the British Colonial heritage.




Tara Devi Temple

Tara Devi Temple is located on the top of a hill in Shimla and is a very famous tourist destination of the place. The Tara Devi temple is situated at about 11 kilometers from Shimla and can be seen while travelling on the Kalka Shimla National Highway. You can see the backdrop of the lofty Himalayas whenyou visit the tara Devi temple. The clean and fresh air works wonders on you helping you to relax from the day to day worries in life. The origin of the temple can be traced back to 250 years back. It is said and believed that the Goddess Tara Devi came all the way from West Bengal to Himachal Pradesh. Kings from the Sen dynasty seem to have visited the place and built this temple according to the wish of their family deity. The picturesque temple and the view of the surroundings are breathtaking and captivationg to these days.



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